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Unicorn coloring pages to print for free

2021-11-27 00:00:00

 Fantasy creatures like the unicorn have already cast a spell over many children. As a loving and clever mythical creature, it appears very often in stories and films. You can download our coloring pages of unicorns and pegasuses for free, print them out and color them with crayons or your watercolors. If you have fun, you can then cut out the coloring page and paste it into a fantasy picture.
Download Unicorn coloring pages at ddc123: 
Disegni di unicorni da colorare

Pegasus coloring pages for children

A pegasus is a winged horse, which has its origins in ancient Greek history and tales. This mythical creature with its beautiful large wings is especially popular with smaller children.

On some of our coloring pictures, these magical animals also have a horn on their foreheads. In this case it is a unicorn with wings, which is called a pegacorn in English. If you would like to color a Pegasus or a unicorn now, then print out our free coloring pages and color them in your most beautiful colors.

Unicorni da colorare 50Unicorni da colorare 48Unicorni da colorare 47

Unicorn or pegasus?

You can print out all coloring pages for free!

The unicorn and the pegasus are the favorite mythical creatures of many children. No wonder, because the animals with the magic horn are beautiful and are considered loving and clever companions who are available for every adventure. On this page you will find numerous free coloring pages. You can easily download and print out our unicorn coloring pages. Coloring in with crayons, felt-tip pens or watercolors is great fun - try it out now!

Unicorni da colorare 43Unicorni da colorare 50Unicorni da colorare 46

Unicorn, a noble animal with magical powers

The unicorn is the noblest of all mythical animals. Numerous myths and stories entwine around the magical creature that stands for all that is good in this world. With its horn it can not only fight evil, but also heal and even revive people and animals. The horn of a unicorn grows for a lifetime - in older animals the length is up to half a meter. If the horn breaks off, it will grow back within ten years. This is how it is passed down from history.

Large selection of unicorn coloring pages

Do you prefer it cuddly and sweet or big and graceful? Every bet: With our unicorn coloring pages you will find exactly what you are looking for! There is something for everybody. How about, for example, a cute baby unicorn with huge googly eyes or a particularly graceful unicorn with a tail and stars? On some coloring pages you can also find rainbows, hearts or a princess. Just pick what you like best and get started!

These colors are ideal for unicorn coloring pages

Real unicorn fans have long known: The beautiful animals look best when you paint them in particularly brightly. Whether red, green, blue, yellow or pink: there are no limits to your imagination. The bright colors look particularly good if you leave the unicorn's body white and only color in its eyes, mane, tail and of course its horn. If you want, you can of course also paint the body in different colors.

Which pens are best for coloring unicorn pictures?

Whether you use crayons or felt-tip pens is a sack of taste. Colored pencils are especially useful when you want to use many colors at the same time. Because the colors don't cause borders or dark spots when you paint over them. Felt pen colors, on the other hand, have a very intense glow, which of course looks particularly good on a unicorn. You can also try watercolors if you want. For this, however, you shouldn't use an overly complicated coloring page, especially at the beginning, because dealing with watercolors needs to be practiced

Free unicorn coloring pages to color and download

With our free unicorn coloring pages there are no limits to your creativity. Just choose a coloring picture you like, download it and print it out. If necessary, ask an adult for help. We hope you have a lot of fun coloring our unicorn coloring pages


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