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Video of Homero Gomez is uploaded to Reddit, his death causes outrage among Internet users

2021-10-12 00:00:00

Yesterday a video about the death of the environmental defender Homero Gómez González was uploaded to one of the subsections of the popular site, which caused the indignation of several Internet users.

Yesterday, Thursday, September 16, a video about the death of Michoacan defender Homero Gómez González was uploaded to one of the Reddit subsections (called "subreddits") . The comments, several from people around the world and many of them in English, showed repudiation of his murder. If you want to download this video, you should use Reddit video downloader.

This is the subreddit "Noah get the boat", which could be translated as "Noah, bring the boat", in reference to Noah's ark, the story of the Bible in which God causes a worldwide flood and only Noah, his family and two individuals of each species repopulate the earth. The premise of the subreddit is that they are posts, videos or images that would motivate humanity to re-flood the planet to drown those who cause harm to society, asking Noah to bring the ark to save a few.

A video with English subtitles was uploaded to said subreddit where various moments are seen in which Homero Gómez invited viewers to visit the monarch butterfly sanctuaries in Michoacán, and then juxtaposed with news of his disappearance and subsequent discovery of his body without life, to end with scenes of his funeral.

The news caused surprise and anger among Internet users of the site, who were outraged by his death in January last year.

Say a comment: "Wow, what a beautiful place. I don't see why this would have to be in 'Noah Brings the Bar' ... Oh ... Oh no."

Yet another, lamenting Homer's departure, dedicates a few words to him: "Your beautiful soul now flies in the air like beautiful butterflies. Keep shining, Mr. Butterfly, keep shining. I can't believe that such wonderful people are taken from us."

Another user comments: "My thoughts on seeing this: I don't see why this should be in 'Noah brings the boat', it's just a man talking about his butterfly sanctuary— It can't be! What the heck? Noah, get ready the damn ship! "

"At first I was wondering what was wrong with the butterflies. Then I got to the last part of the video. Now I'm sad," says another user.

One more curiously points out "what does he have? They are butterflies" and, moments later, respond to his own comment with a gloomy "forget it, I saw".

The death of Homero Gómez González has not been, sadly, the only one. Throughout the past year, already at the time of the so-called "Fourth Transformation", a total of 227 environmental defenders were assassinated worldwide , with Colombia and Mexico topping the list.

The murder of environmental defenders is a fact that reveals the collaboration between the capitalist State and organized crime together with transnational companies, since through illegal logging linked to drug trafficking, the dispossession of indigenous communities is facilitated to give free rein to megaprojects, from mining, power plants, agrobusiness or breweries.

In Michoacán, the drug trafficker also makes a profit from the avocado trade, which is massively exported to the United States, especially in February, at the time of the Superbowl , to accompany the spectators' snacks with guacamole. For this they need to expand their fields of cultivation in order to increase their profits, since the drug lords, after all, are also capitalists, and in that way, the defense of the forests and sanctuaries of monarch butterflies, such as the supervised by Homero Gómez, are an obstacle.

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