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Listen to free music, discover hot music on SoundCloud

2021-10-11 00:00:00

SoundCloud is an interactive social media music service, anyone can share and listen to music for free on SoundCloud. If you are used to using some popular social networks like Facebook or Twitter, you will find SoundCloud is similar, except that this service specializes in music and is developed for music lovers in general.

Sign in to SoundCloud

SoundCloud app has 2 free versions for Android and iOS. If you don't have a SoundCloud account yet, you can create a new one for free to join this vast music community.

In addition, SoundCloud also supports login with Facebook, Google+ or Email accounts to shorten SoundCloud registration time.

How to use the SoundCloud mobile app

Before you want to explore the fascinating music store on SoundCloud, you need to know what SoundCloud has to offer and navigate back in the application.

Home: This is a customized News feed that displays tracks posted and reposted by SoundCloud users you follow. You can listen to these tracks, share them again, click Like, add to playlists or create new music channels directly from the Home section.

Search: if you want to find a specific user or track, you can use the search feature available in the SoundCloud app.

Collection: this is a tab that allows access to all the content you have Liked, latest channels and playlists. You'll also see your profile when you tap the 3-dot icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Music Player: If you play a song, this tab appears. When accessing other tabs in the SoundCloud app, you can return to this tab to see what you're listening to, press the pause button, rewind ... if you want.

Stream: Tap the arrow next to the Stream label on the Home screen to quickly view top currently popular music. Here you also find new genres and styles of music.

SoundCloud --a huge and content-rich music store

SoundCloud is a large music social network with millions of global users. You can explore and use SoundCloud in a variety of ways, but here are the three most popular:

Follow users to discover new music

When you click on any user's name, you will go to their profile to see what they have posted and related playlists. When you follow any user, you will interact with them similar to Facebook or Instagram, update new songs they share on their personal Home Feeds, click Like, comment and repost if you want.

Create custom playlists

When listening to a good song, you just need to touch the 3-dot icon to add it to your personal playlist. Unlimited number of playlists, can be set public for everyone to enjoy or private for you to manage.

Start a new music channel to listen to similar songs

When you don't have time or patience to select each song in the playlist, just touch the 3 dots on any track to create a new music channel with similar tracks and songs. Users can access the nearest channel from their profile.

Discover more on SoundCloud web version

If the SoundCloud mobile app has a clear, easy-to-use interface and only the most popular features, the browser version of SoundCloud is rich in features and has a lot more for you to explore.

Below are the exclusive extended features on SoundCloud web when you sign in to your account at

Download music or buy music

You can download music if next to the song appears a Download button and buy music with a link with a Buy button or user Soundcloud Downloader. There are many songs that are free to download to listen to forever on your computer. to music on your phone, after downloading, you can copy music to your iPhone using iTunes, iTools or copy it to your Android phone's memory card as usual.

Upload personal music

SoundCloud is a social network, so anyone can share their music or songs. Currently, you can't upload music from mobile devices, but the web version has an Upload button for super-fast music sharing.

Send Message

On the SoundCloud app, you can't contact anyone but comment on what they share. With the SoundCloud web version, it's different, the messaging feature helps you communicate more conveniently with other users.

Join group

Join a SoundCloud group to share music with new friends. To access a joined group, simply click on your username on the web version and then select Groups.

Get notified when a user interacts

Notifications are on the top menu, showing who has followed you or interacted with you.

If you want to discover and listen to free music, SoundCloud is really a wise choice for you. This is an online music service with a large number of members, music is constantly updated and meets the entertainment needs of many users! Have fun listening to music with Sound Cloud!

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